Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rosler, Redders, Pearson and 'key appointments' soon - press conference dissected 20/5/15
by Charlie Sopp
Today’s Press Conference that introduced new Head-Coach Uwe Rosler has given me a list to get through as I choose which story I write about next. Uwe Rosler conducted himself very well and the German boss certainly gave off the right vibes. However for this specific article I will concentrate on what Adam Pearson revealed about “key appointments” in the very near future and recruitment off the field.
When Massimo Cellino left the club in January to comply with his Football League ban he left in place a very thin team on the ground at Elland Road. Andrew Umbers was left in charge of the club from the top as Chairman, and Matt Childs stayed to help. Nicola Salerno continued in his role as Sporting Director and Redders and Steve Thompson were left to run the club on the pitch. However this small team was dismantled as the months went on. Matt Childs left because he felt his position had become untenable, Nicola Salerno suspended (sacked) Steve Thompson for apparently calling him a “retard” and then also departed from the club. This left the team of Andrew Umbers and Neil Redfearn.
This worried me greatly and I felt Massimo Cellino needed to address the infrastructure at the club as well as the Head-Coach position. To be fair to him he started very well with the appointment of Adam Pearson. The experienced ex-Leeds man returned to the club and for me it was a masterstroke. Pearson held the news conference today and conducted it very well. Cellino never attended and I think the advice of Pearson was probably critical in that decision. He was clearly uneasy at last weeks odd presser and never made the same mistake today.
During the press conference Pearson stated that the club were on the brink of recruiting a new club secretary who was very experienced, a very big move for the club. He also told of a new role, similar to Nicola Salerno but a British employee that would take up the role of “Head of Recruitment”. This would potentially upset certain managers but Uwe Rosler was quick to address the position saying that he enjoyed working with someone in this role and it was important we have someone in place. The European way he said, was likely to continue to be introduced to the English leagues in regards to this position.
Uwe Rosler also confirmed he had the green light to bring in an assistant coach and first-team coach to the club in the coming days. The assistant could well be a friendly face, Gunnar Halle is hot favourite to join Rosler at Leeds after working with Rosler in the same role at previous clubs. Pearson was adamant that what is being played out in the media is not true to what’s going on behind the scenes and said this will become very apparent in the next 7-10 days, promising stuff.
Finally but certainly not the least important part of my dissection of todays tale. Pearson has personally spoke to Neil Redfearn and offered him his old job back in the academy. The chances are high he will probably move on, the treatment he has received is not good enough for me and Pearson is probably well aware, hence why he has taken the role to sort Redders out on. If Redfearn did accept and returned to the academy it would be a huge boost for the club. Pearson also confirmed that Massimo Cellino did not mean that he would be dismantling the academy last week. According to Pearson he was upset at a Manchester City approach for a youngster and he is fully committed to the academy and youth.
All in all it was a very productive day for the club. The fact that Redders has been told makes me feel better, I think he deserves huge credit for the way he has conducted himself throughout a tough time for the fan favourite. Fingers crossed he will stay but it seems likely other clubs will have better offers for him. I will move on to Uwe Rosler in my next article and look more at what our new Head-Coach had to say about his “chance of a lifetime”.