Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ken Bates v LUST

25/9/12 Ken Bates Programme Notes
There is nothing new under the sun, and what goes around comes around. Let me ask Gary Cooper if this story is true?
Apparently in the 1990's when Leeds United were in Europe, there was a meeting of various supporters groups to discuss matters pertaining to the club, and a wide range of subjects were covered. However there was some fringe organisation, of which Gary Cooper was spokesman, who were totally negative and opining that various members of staff should be sacked. Perhaps Mr Cooper would like to confirm or deny this story on his website or in his next media interview. Our Mr Cooper is becoming quite a media personality with his regular appearances on TV and radio.
Apparently, the latest target of LUST is Leeds United's disabled organisation (LUDO) who are being described as "Bates Lovers". I am told that LUDO have tried to contact Mr Cooper but so far he hasn't returned their calls. Interestingly, one critic of LUST was told that if he didn't agree with their views he shouldn't go on their site. So much for freedom of speech!

LUST/LUDO joint statement
In his programme notes before our fantastic win over Everton last night, Ken Bates made a number of comments about Leeds United Supporters' Trust and their chair, Gary Cooper. One of these remarks, which involved Leeds United Disabled Organisation, requires a response.
This morning Gary spoke to LUDO chair person Stuart Ramm, and while acknowledging that Mr Bates will have believed that what he was writing was true, Stuart was happy to confirm the comments were not correct. Stuart said that some of LUDO's members have been given misleading information about the Trust, and that unknown persons seem intent on causing mischief between the two organisations.
Stuart continued, "I accept there is no truth to the misleading allegations made to some of my members, by persons unknown."
Stuart also emphasised that LUDO, LUST, and all Leeds fans, "want the same thing - the best for the future of Leeds United."
LUST are grateful to Stuart for clearing this up. LUST have always been fully supportive of LUDO's work, particularly their efforts in helping their members through difficulties around ticketing a few seasons ago. Despite what some might claim, there are no problems between the two groups.
Finally, both Stuart and Gary would like to say thank you to Neil Warnock and his players for the brilliant effort they put in last night to beat Everton. Their performance epitomised many of the things we all love about our great club, and we are sure it will be remembered for years to come.