Monday, December 22, 2014

Are Leeds United Broken Beyond Repair?

Sabotage Times 15/12/14
by Paul Sherman
Losing at home to a Fulham team with the 19th worst away record in the Championship brought Leeds United’s current plight into stark contrast and begged the question, is the club broken irreparably?
10,000 more fans were at Elland Road to witness the debacle than watched Boro beat Derby to go top of the table. If the team were as passionate and committed as the support we’d be top of the league by a country mile.
We played some nice football again but with no cutting edge, no bite and a soft centre of Quality Street proportions in defence.
Following last week’s capitulation at Ipswich we can only imagine the Forest forwards salivating at the prospect of running amok against us live on telly next week.
The club is perfectly balanced – shot to hell both on and off the field, with little hope of improvement. A likely transfer embargo awaits in January, thanks to the gross incompetence, negligence and greed of GFH, the minority shareholders with whom Cellino inexplicably has re-engaged with.
The recent costing up of the two ownership parties was cringeworthy and the result of their union, a joint cash injection of £25M is now on hold pending Massimo’s appeal against his latest banning order from the Football League.
GFH sold Cellino the biggest pig in a poke in history, had he done due diligence then even he and his massive ego would have realised the rape and pillage inflicted on the club by Bates, his puppet Harvey and subsequently GFH made Sodom and Gomorrah look like a tea party at the Women’s Institute.
The company figures released recently made frightening yet unsurprising reading but falling turnover and rising costs are a recipe for financial disaster.
The vultures were circling on Friday night with the odious Mike Farnan engaging with fans on Twitter discussing the laughable proposition of fan ownership and the ridiculous proposal that LUST could actually organise, motivate and commit it’s membership to raise capital.
The reality is that we have a disjointed, dictatorial and egocentric ownership structure that looks like it has all the chance of delivering a long-term plan as Tommy the turkey has of making it to January.
Right now teams fancy playing us because we have a squad full of football and fancy movement but no leadership. We lack a backbone and need a no-nonsense centre-half, a midfield general with the cojones to make it happen and a physically imposing centre forward.
Neil Redfearn is Leeds to the core and a top quality coach who has been given a job way beyond his experience without the assistance of an gnarled seen it all number two.
I have been a supporter of Cellino from day one but his managerial decision making has been disastrous. We really need an experienced manager, not just a coach. Player recruitment has been blinkered, appearing to rely purely on Salerno who knew nothing of this league. His approach has patently not worked off the field where we look a total shambles.
I’ve deliberately not gone into specifics on players or the finances because they are well covered by other people and blogs. This piece is my heart and gut talking. My biggest fear is that the club I love is broken, beyond repair.